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Even the most careful driver is capable of having a few bumps or scrapes, all it takes is a minor loss of concentration and you could be putting yourself and other’s lives at risk. Take care on the road. If you are a new driver, wear a plate which tells others that you have just recently passed; this will make them more aware of you and more willing to show consideration for your driving.

If you haven’t yet got your license but are hoping to take your test soon, we have information to help you. Are you just starting to learn to drive and hoping to pass your driving test as soon as possible or do you want to have another go at your test? Either way Speed Racing UK has the tips that could help you achieve your goal.

Do you want to be a Driver?

Our tips are ideal for beginners or those who have been frustrated and are still intent on achieving one of life's great ambitions. About 1,250,000 people take the driving test every year and over half of them fail. We hope to guide you through the process of passing your driving test with simple pictures and diagrams, videos and quizzes. Speed Racing UK aims to get you as prepared for the big day as possible.

Once you have passed your test and you are on the road, you must stick to strict safety precautions. Even if you think you are the world’s greatest driver, you have to be constantly aware of those around you. Take care when you see a cyclists or motorcyclists. These can come from blind spots within a fraction of a second and are a lead cause for traffic accidents.

Take care in adverse weather conditions. Try not to drive unless it is essential in snow or ice, these conditions are hard to get used to and even the tiniest slip can cause a major accident. Regularly check that your car is in a fully working order, your break lights work and you have enough petrol.
Staying safe on the road is all about being aware of your surroundings. Watch out for other motorists and pedestrians and make sure you are aware of what other cars are doing. Remember, it’s not just you on the roads, careless drivers cause accidents. Get in touch at pass@www.ragingspeedhorn.co.uk.

Motor Shows in 2014

1. Beijing Auto Show, June biennially in even years Paris Motor Show, September/October biennially in even years Frankfurt Motor Show, September biennially in odd years Bologna Motor Show, December annually
2. Tokyo Motor Show, October/November biennially in odd years Seoul Motor Show, March/April biennially in odd years Geneva Motor Show, March annually
3. London Motor Show, 9th - 15th June 2014 biennially in even years North American Auto Show, Detroit, January annually New York International Motor Show, March/April annually Greater Los Angeles Auto Show, December annually.

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